As a costume technologist I create art using fabric, thread and trim.  As draper my ability and skill is an essential part of the costuming process.  I collaborate with designers to construct intricate beautiful costumes that are exceptional because of our creative teamwork.   My favorite part of being the draper is taking a rendering from two dimensional images and recreating the costume in three dimensional forms.  I obtain a sense of accomplishment when I compare the designers rendering and see my finished creation.  I believe that being a team player is a necessity as is being upbeat and pleasant even in challenging work environments.  Skill, knowledge and positivity is essential to my work and I have incorporated the latest technologies including computer patterning, three dimensional printing and circuitry design.  The ability to adapt to different designers and techniques makes me an asset to costume shops.  Combining the different skills, crafts and experiences of a draper and designer, will create beautiful and unique art work. 

Lifelong education and learning is critical.   I am inspired by applying new techniques and technology to costuming and know I will be learning new ideas and skills throughout my life.  I view the world as a classroom and know I will be learning and teaching throughout my career.  I am a self directed learner and love testing out new techniques both in the world of costuming and for my personal enjoyment. I indulge in taking risks because I find the process challenging and producing the final result extremely rewarding.  I have a passion for passing my knowledge through workshops, symposiums and poster sessions to others who are interested and desire to learn from my experience.  Finally I challenge myself for my own satisfaction and for the art, beauty and emotional response I create. !